Australia’s only conference exploring hospitality design. 

Eat Drink Design Talks gathers hospitality designers and architects together with restaurateurs
and operators to survey the state of the industry. During this half-day conference, delegates will
hear from experts in hospitality and design as they present practical tips, insights and learnings,
and also reflect on how Australia became a world leader in hospitality the design of restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels.


Tuesday 12 November
8:30 am – 1:00 pm


Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia
Theatre, Ground Level
Federation Square, Melbourne



Timo Bures is general manager of The Old Clare Hotel, designed by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer. Specialized and classically trained in hotel management, which he puts to good use by teaching the next generation to un-learn stiff service, Timo’s career has spanned across Europe, Scotland and Australia. With previous roles at Edinburgh’s Scotsman Hotel, Sydney’s Observatory Hotel and Hotel Hotel in Canberra, Timo was appointed general manager of The Old Clare Hotel in 2013 and has been integral in the project from the ground up.

Timo believes it is essential that The Old Clare Hotel contributes towards the vibrancy of its Sydney neighbourhood by positioning the hotel as an active part of the local community. He believes that unique hotel experiences are ones where the property defines, rather than responds to its location.

“A hotel is not meant to be a home away from home. You travel to get away from home. It should be fun and exciting, an opportunity to connect with new people and experience local culture,” says Timo.


This case study provides an opportunity to hear from both the architect and client about their journey from brief to finished venue. 

SJB director Léo Terrando will present Frédéric with his clients Nathalie and Antoine Reymond.

Drawing on mid-century European arthouse cinema for inspiration, SJB’s most recent project with the Reymond family —siblings Nathalie, Edouard and Antoine — is a restaurant and bar in Cremorne, Victoria, designed to accommodate for all occasions.

“The mood is French New Wave and Italian Modernism,” says Léo. “The cinema of the 1950s was both revolutionary and a revelation. Inspiration is taken from cinematography legends Francois Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard and Jacques Rivette.”

Occupying the ground floor of a modern office building, the restaurant and bar demonstrate a skilful blend of the everyday with the theatrical – of utilitarian concrete with far more lavish elements.

Osteria Oggi by Studio Gram

In this case study, Graham Charbonneau of Adelaide-based Studio Gram will be joined by his client restaurateur Simon Kardachi as they examine how they brought Adelaide restaurants Osteria Oggi and Shobosho to life.

Oggi translates to “today,” and the space reflects this meaning as a modern interpretation of all things Italian, simple and subdued, with a playful personality, informed by the squares and piazzas of italy.

Esther Stam, founder and creative director of Studio Modijefsky, an Amsterdam-based interior architecture studio, will share her vision on the design of spaces.

Esther will explain her approach to spatial design by showing the studio’s main principles and how they tell stories throughout a space. 

The nine women that currently form Studio Modijefsky carefully design everything that is seen, passed and touched by a visitor for the duration of their stay whether it’s five seconds or five hours. Using the three-dimensional canvas of a space to create experience, the aim is to form a strong interaction with the user. 

Esther will provide an insight into Modijefsky’s workshop, where elaborate study and refined detailing lead to outspoken design layers, embodied in key elements like tactility, light, colour and shape.

A selection of projects will be presented, explaining the process of analyses that leads to a unique identity and spatial concept – a new language with which to tell a story. Each of these concepts finds its embodiment in a certain layout, custom spatial elements, the development of light fixtures, the appliance of materials, pushing the boundaries of design and enriching the spatial quality of each tailor-made interior.

Moderated by award-winning writer and restaurant critic Dani Valent, this panel discussion will join together some of the day’s speakers to survey the current state of the hospitality industry and how designers can prepare for future opportunities and challenges. 

Join Esther Stam of Studio Modijefsky, Timo Bures of The Old Clare Hotel, Graham Charbonneau of Studio Gram, and sustainability and design innovation academic Simon Lockrey for this insightful panel.


8.30 am  Delegate arrival

9.00 am  Keynote speaker – Timo Bures, general manager of The Old Clare Hotel (Sydney) 

9.45 am  Case study – Léo Terrando of SJB (Melbourne) with his clients Antoine and Nathalie Reymond, speaking about Frédéric

10.15 am Case study – Graham Charbonneau of Studio Gram (Adelaide) with his client Simon Kardachi, speaking about Osteria Oggi and Shobosho

10.45 am Morning tea

11.30 am Keynote – Esther Stam, founder of Studio Modijefsky (Amsterdam)

12.15 pm Takeaway – Moderated by Dani Valent. Panel discussion between keynote speakers
Timo Bures and Esther Stam, with Graham Charbonneau and Simon Lockrey

12.55 pm Closing comments


This event is sold out.