Matiya Marovich

Portrait of Matiya Marovich

Principal, Sans-Arc Studio


Matiya Marovich is the founder and principal architect of Sans-Arc Studio.

Established in 2015, Sans-Arc has built a reputation for off-beat and joyous architecture in the hospitality industry. As well as being steeped in ‘hospo,’ Matiya is an adventuresome person, driven to not only explore the outer world but to consider its inner workings. A passion was formed somewhere between Adelaide and Kathmandu for the principles of ‘lo-fi’ and ecological architecture and a philosophy formed in the architect’s mind that spaces should support social interaction and foster unique, human-oriented experiences.

While Sans-Arc’s portfolio is outwardly fun and playful, a deep sense of quiet pervades Matiya’s work and is central to his practice. Amid a world of flashy, often décor-driven projects, Matiya’s commitment to the principles of sustainable design means his work is defined by an elegant efficiency: design to minimise waste and maximise impact. It was while travelling Nepal in 2017 as the recipient of the Jack Hobbs McConnell Travelling Fellowship that he truly came to believe that great architecture can happen anywhere and at every budget.